Progress progress…

Megan and I have been hard at work lately! In addition to working full time, we have gone into overdrive on getting Embie Online up and running.

I know what you are thinking. What exactly is Embie and what exactly are we doing? Let me tell you…

Embie = Our initials. Megan and I have the same initials – M.B. – Embie is the spelled out version of it. Secret revealed!

What exactly are we doing? We are working hard at combining our skills and passions into a multitude of products with a blog to capture it all. One of Megan’s talents is finding treasures in their worst state and being able to fix them up and make them something desirable to everyone. From furniture to decorations. She is also very business savvy and has professional experience at coordinating anything from large events to small gatherings. We plan to focus on that aspect a little further up the road. And me? I thrive with art and creativity. I do mostly graphic design – flyers, prints, promotional material (as seen below), paintings etc…

Here is a piece I just finished. I will make these available for purchase soon in different states. The photo was taken when I was about halfway through with it…

Here it is finished (below). The state itself is raised from the canvas by about 1/5 of an inch. The 3D effect is great and looks really cool on the wall. As I mentioned above I will make this available for sale soon for different states. The one pictured is a prototype that I’m going to keep for myself.

That is all for now!

– Matt




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