Saturday Morning Scenes…

   Sometimes Matt has to work on a Saturday which can be quite cruddy. Sometimes I sleep in and sometimes I will get up with him pack his lunch, make him breakfast (yes I am THAT good at being a wife – haha).
Without fail on those early mornings when he has left for  work the cats and I will head outside to our yard for half an hour or so to just relax and soak up the view. Summers in Georgia are hot…and looooong. Oh, and they are hot. But in the mornings it is amazing. It’s usually warm in the 70’s, sometimes low 80’s, which is such a reprieve from the afternoon heat.
We live in a quiet neighborhood…but those Saturday (or Sunday) mornings are even more quiet and peaceful. The cats love exploring sniffing around eating grass. While I just kind of take it all in and relax. Life can be so busy and hectic sometimes that taking a moment to step outside without a real purpose other than to relax is good for the soul (I know, I know I am pouring on the cheese).
Speaking of slowing down – Matt and I have been making an effort to not turn the tv on as much and turn the radio on instead. Don’t get me wrong I still have my ‘shows.’ Y’all watch True Blood right!?! But it’s amazing how much time you have to devote to activities and each other when you don’t get sucked in to a Bridezilla marathon…I can’t be the only on that has done that right…hello? anyone? 🙂 We’ve also been making a bigger effort to eat at the dining room table and not in the living room in front of the tv.It gives you some time to slow down and unwind.
If anyone knows how to relax and chill like a villain it’s this little tub of love (the cat – not me… thanks guys).    That’s Rocky looking epically off in to the distance pondering the reason of life – he’s deep like that.

   One last picture for you all…my shadow. Can you spot anything different?? I won’t leave you all in suspense forever. Maybe just a day or eight. 🙂


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