Matt and Megan Drive across America! Part 1

Just a couple of days ago I was on Facebook and I noticed “your post from a year ago” on a column on the right-hand side of the screen. It read something like “Megan and I turned in our keys and have one stop left before we leave town!”. Exactly a year ago Megan and I took on a huge exciting adventure where we moved across the United States. We packed all of our possessions and drove from the state of Washington to Georgia, logging in over 2,700 miles.

The packing was a huge pain and it was really sad saying goodbye to all of our close friends and family. We decided to go South for a change of pace, new opportunities, adventure to live in a warmer climate.

I secured a job in Alpharetta, Georgia and we put in our notices. We had a month to leave and be on the road. We got an amazing deal on a rental truck and trailer. The truck rental company was apparently short on box trucks in the Atlanta market which helped us out a lot.

I towed Megan’s car in the box truck and Megan followed behind in my truck with the cats. Equipped with 2-way radios and snacks we hit the road into the unknown. I had never been further east than Arizona and had a lot to see.

Shortly after surviving the six-day trip we gathered all of the iPhone and camera photos and videos and compiled them into these two short videos. We had a lot of requests for pictures of the trip and thought that making a cheesy/fun summarized set of short videos would be a different and creative way to share our experience. Here is the first half of our trip – from leaving Vancouver, Washington to Denver, Colorado.


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