100 things in 100 days

    The other day while trying to find a home for various things in our house I was inspired yet again to PURGE the CLUTTER!  I swear clutter and unused junk in our house multiples during the night. Clutter and unused junk sneak off and make little junk-clutter babies. 
    When there is less stuff in your house there is less to clean and maintain. That sounds so painfully obvious but I forget it often. I hold on to too many items that ‘I might need’ or ‘we might use that’ or ‘well I got a good deal on it and I may need it someday.’ More often than not that stuff just gets shoved in a box somewhere never to see the light of day until we move.
    So here is our very public declaration: We aim to rid our house of 100 unused or unneeded items in 100 days. If anyone else wants to join in on the clutter-clearing fun we would love the company! We’ll be posting updates as we go along to hold ourselves accountable.

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