Matt and Megan Drive across America! Part 2

If you haven’t seen Matt and Megan Drive across America Part 1, check it out here.

Part two of our section follows Megan and I from Topeka, Kansas all the way to where we are now – Georgia! This was definitely the most exciting section of the drive. I had never been this far east so it was something new around every corner. The landscape was changing and so were the people. “You guys” was replaced by “y’all” and Carl’s Jr restaurants turned into Hardee’s (if you didn’t know, they’re the same restaurant – look it up!). Scroll down for some more photos of the last days of our drive!

– Matt

Here is Megan somewhere in the middle of Kansas. It was a gas station, gift shop, general store and Wendy's all in one!


Entering Missouri (Kansas City, MO)

Gas stop in HUMID southern Illinois


Tennessee Mountains

Megan and the cats enjoying the drive

Matt is glad to be off the road!


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