On one of my many thrift store trips looking for items for the shop I found this galvanized metal tub for $4.00.

I snatched that bad boy up in a heart beat (they climbin’ in yo windows snatchin’ up yo babies – name that YouTube sensation). It was looking a little rough and all with the pealing stickers and such but I had a vision. A vision to clean that gunk right off. Enter these guys:

With some determination and elbow grease I was able to remove the stickers from the metal tub. For the really stubborn stickers I  just let the name brand generic Windex soak on the stickers…Sometimes it took a couple different times of soaking and peeling to get it clear but in the end it worked.


The tub now hosts our recycling near our garbage can in the kitchen. It’s much more attractive than the plastic tub it was in before.  Plus we have found out that if we have the recycling bin sitting right next to the garbage can we recycle a TON more.

So, have you been scrubbing some metal tubs lately? or just scrubbing the tub in your bathroom?


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