Sneaky, Sneaky!

   Surprise! Things have been pretty quiet around these parts because we were on vacation and then life hasn’t slowed down a bit since we got back!

   We flew down to Florida and spent some time at the ‘happiest place on earth,’ laid out on beaches, saw dolphins and witnessed the prettiest sunset we have both seen. But more on that trip later 🙂 We also plan to recap ways we saved money on our trip because let’s face it…vacations are EXPENSIVE but oh so worth it. Matt and I have been talking a lot about what we want our blog to be. We want to still share bits of our lives to keep family from both coasts updated but we want it to be more than that. We want to share recipes, crafts, tutorials, money-saving ideas/deals, home organization, etc. We want this to inspire you (and US!) to live well. Living well doesn’t always mean living expensively either. We both feel pretty excited for the direction we aim to go with so thank you for checking in on us and sharing this adventure with us!


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