Thankful this Thursday for…

I know that Thankful Thursdays are nothing new around the blogosphere but it’s such a simple and rewarding task that really makes you stop and appreciate things {big and small} in your life…so without further ado:
What I am thankful for this Thursday…
::Matt – even when we’re being grumpy with each other for whatever reason we never stay that way for long. Even during a ‘discussion’ all the sudden one (or both) of us will start laughing. I love that guy and am so thankful for our relationship.
::My mom texting! My mom used to NEVER text, you could send her a message and she wouldn’t even know how to open it. My dad finally got her a phone with a keyboard and that has made all the difference in the world. I miss working with her but texting her during the workday helps.
::That it’s now becoming ‘ok’ to start decorating for the holidays! WOOHOO!
::Having a freezer with meals I have previously made…it’s allowed me to not go grocery shopping this week!
::My car…ok hear me out on it this – my car is OLD and not the cutest thing out there. But it’s paid for and is still running…it’s allowing Matt and I to pay off my student loan and his truck faster (we aim to be debt free). So even though having a nice new(er) car would be GREAT I am thankful that my car is working and {knock on wood} is getting me from point a to point b….although now that I have typed those words I have a feeling I just jinxed myself.
So…what are you thankful for?

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