So who knows if Bob Marley actually said that because you know George Washington once said “The problem with the internet is that anyone can attribute quotes to anyone that they please.” But the sentiment of the quote above is perfect.
   Sometimes I think us females get a little twisted view of love from fairy tales, movies, and love songs. You can often hear girls lamenting the fact that they have not found their perfect prince, that their boyfriend doesn’t surprise them with a dozen roses every week and so on. But real love, true ever lasting solid love, has so much more to it than just flowers and fairy tales. Real love is coming home to a clean house, or coming home to dinner on the table after a long day of work, or receiving a text with an inside joke during the work day, or your husband opening your car door for you, and so on. Real love and real life are made up of a million little things and moments that add up to something calm, strong, steady, reassuring, special, beautiful and oh so amazing. Over the top fairy tale ideals are for the birds I tell ya.

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