Christmas Treezy-Fo-Sheezy

In Matt and Meg Land we have a tradition (we have done it two years in a row after all) of recording us decorating our Christmas and then time lapsing the video. I love this tradition we do because it’ll be so neat to see how our family changes over the years. It’ll document where we live, how we age, when we have kids etc. It doesn’t take too much effort to do either. We just set up the camera on the tripod decorate the tree and Matt whips up the video after it’s all said and done.

Without further ado here is our video for 2011:

And here is last year’s video:

The changes from last year’s video and this year’s are:

– We’re married! last year we were engaged and drowning in wedding plans.
– We moved out of our apartment and in to this cute little old brick rancher.
– I chopped off my hair…but it’s up in the video so you can’t really tell.


– I like to wear stretchy yoga pants at home.
– Matt likes to wear black sweatshirts.
– Our furbabies make an appearance!

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