2012: Our Hopes and Goals

Or otherwise entitled – 2012 LET’S DO THIS!

      Yeah, yeah…we know that we are almost done with January. We know most people discuss their goals in the beginning of the month. But what can I say? We’re rebels. I mean sometimes I hit the snooze button more than once. That should give you a clue as to how I live my life on the edge…W I L D.
    Matt and I didn’t make resolutions per se but we did discuss different things we hope to accomplish this year. Especially if this is the last bit of time before the world ends (according to the Mayans…or some random people who interpret the Mayan calendar – same thing right?!). Who knows if we will actually accomplish all these things but we’re throwing them out there in to the universe. Having positive thoughts and attracting positive results we hope. There are some goals and hopes for the next year that we are keeping private and if they do happen we will share. But here it is our big ole random list!

:: Finish saving X amount towards our house down-payment (we won’t share actual numbers…just percentages).
:: Sew a quilt.
:: Go back to our hometown for a visit!
:: Reach out to a few blogs to possibly to do some giveaways with our tiles.
:: Go camping at least three times.
:: Go on two other trips besides the Washington trip (maybe back to Tybee? to Nashvegas again?)
:: Figure out my car situation (my car is going to need to be replaced sooner rather than later).
:: Get fit and healthy!
:: Turn the TV off more!
:: Get back to being more diligent with meal planning.
:: Reduce our energy bill by 10% (who knows if this is even feasible but we’ll see!)
:: Sew a dress/skirt
:: Start brewing our beer (well…beer for Matt since I don’t like it).
:: Plant a garden (We had a small one last year but have bigger plans for one this year).
:: Declutter, declutter, declutter.
:: Do at least one craft/art show.
:: Grow our shops!
:: Develop a routine cleaning schedule. (I’d really like us to have a sort of pattern…ya know Mondays is laundry day, etc)

    Above all else we want to be present, enjoy the moments and simplify. The whole concept of looking back on your life at 80 and not having many regrets has really struck a chord with me. When I am 80 I am not going to look back and think ‘wow I used to drive such a nice car** – I am so glad I bought something fancy and paid out the rear for it!’ I am going to look back on those weekend getaways, those dinners at home with my husband, those moments spent creating or gardening. 
   So, your turn…got any goals or hopes? Wanna sew a quilt along with me?

**It might seem odd that I talked about replacing my car and then sort of contradicted myself later on in this post. But my feelings regarding simplifying stem from the fact that I see so many people buying really expensive cars (for whatever reason) and then are stressed because of money, or are trapped at a job they hate to pay for that car (or big house, or credit card). I want us to live with purpose and well within our means. We don’t want to get trapped in this rat race and look back on life and wish we had done a lot of things differently.

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