the happy & the oh so cr*ppy

   One day I was thinking about this blog…and a fun a blog series I could do. I then thought of words that rhyme because who doesn’t like things that rhyme, like-all-the-time? (see what I did there?) and that is how The happy & and the oh so crappy list was born! It works like this…I’ll list out some things that make/made me happy that week or that day or that year and then I’ll list out the cr*ppy things too! So you get the good and the bad –

the happy:
-Reading an article about research that shows cats view their owners as surrogate parents and live in a suspended state of kittenhood because of this they also ‘talk’ to their owners differently.
-Finding a vintage dior neck tie for Matt for $2.49!
-Cuddling on the couch under a blanket in pajamas – winter does have its benefits!
-Leaving lunch box notes for the hubs.

the oh so crappy:
-it’s been raining and cold. we moved away from Washington for reason. ya hear that Georgia weather?!
-We still have to wait another 3 weeks until The Walking Dead is back on. and in the meantime all of our Sunday programming has gone away until next season. No more Boardwalk Empire, Hell on Wheels and currently no more Walking Dead until Feb 12th.
-Heidi and Seal getting a divorce?! Demi is in rehab?! Teen Mom (1and2) are getting arresting like crazy. Hollyweird is falling apart.

One thought on “the happy & the oh so cr*ppy

  1. Meg<
    I am so excited you watch walking dead! I, being the social retard that I am have never discovered your blog until today, your amazing! I hope that all is well in your world, I will be returning often.


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