2014 – goals!

happy new year

Happy New Year! We hope that you all enjoyed your festivities! Being super exciting like we are we were asleep by midnight. We did enjoy an early happy hour with other friends who have a baby earlier in the evening. We joked that we were celebrating New Years on London time versus East Coast time.

2013 was a bit of a doozy for us! We lost loved ones, Matt’s truck engine died so a pretty penny was spent on that so we are a bit relieved for a New Year to be upon us.

Matt and I talked a bit about some of our goals for the new year so we wanted to share some with you. In no particular order…drum roll please…

:: Go on one family ‘outing’ a month.  Whether that means going to beach, packing our dinner up and having a picnic, going to the zoo, or heck even just checking out a new park as a family we want to be intentional with getting out of the house a little more and making some memories!

:: Eat more salads. Drink more water.  Can’t hurt right?

:: Give more. More of our time, our hearts, our resources to help those around us. Little compares to helping those around you and we want our family to have a giving heart.

::  Grow our business. We LOVE being able to pursue our passions in design.

::  Go camping again. We went last year before our little guy was mobile and he did AMAZING so we might just be crazy to attempt with a toddler but hey! at least it’ll be a memory right?

:: Clear some clutter around the house. I swear clutter is part rabbit because of how quickly it multiples.

::  Turn the TV off more. I usually like background noise but music accomplishes that with far less distraction. Plus watching our son dance around is a major perk.

We have other overall goals but we just wanted to share a few. Anyone else make goals for the new year?

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