Awesome DIY Wooden Beer 6-Pack Carrier

Wooden 6-Pack Beer Carrier

I have been brewing my own beer for just over a year and keep all of my beer down in the basement. I bring beer up, put it in the fridge, drink it, save the bottles for future use, bring them back down and repeat the process. I have been keeping the empty bottles on the kitchen counter and they look really cluttery. On Etsy I saw these really cool wooden carriers. It’s the perfect solution – the carrier is an easy way to transport the beer up and down. By leaving it on top of the fridge – it’s convenient, looks nice and is out of the way and NOT on the counter. I love a good DIY project so I found some scrap wood in the basement and set out to do it on my own.

I found these incredibly helpful wood dimensions that I used to (loosely) base my design:

Wood Dimensions

Dimensions for cutting the wood.

Halfway through. The pieces were cut and about to be glued.


It’s a fun project and with the right tools it just takes a couple hours. You can find the orignal tutorial link here.

Need some cool brew art to go with your beer stuff? Check out these prints!

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