Pinterest Tomato Heart Fail


Ever have a moment of inspiration and excitement for it to totally crash and burn? I just did in preparation of our Valentine’s day dinner.

I saw these tomatoes cut in to hearts floating around Pinterest and thought it’d be a cute touch to add to our salads. Well, jokes on me these things turned out quite sad looking.

Matt gets to eat regular tomatoes in his salad tonight instead of festive ones.

birthday bragging

   Something big and exciting happend in the Matt and Meg household this past week- it was my BIRTHDAY! I turned the big TWO – FIVE. I am one of those people that tells everyone it’s their birthday. All day at work you could overhear me telling co-workers, vendors, and so on that today was my birthday! I am sure not everyone shares in my excitement and my birthday sharing ways but oh well!
   I met my parents for lunch and my mom gave me a basket full of sugar cookies (homemade -they’re the best!) and later on when I got home from work I found a surprise waiting for me. Matt had decorated the house while I was gone.

    He had streamers and balloons all over the place. He also had flowers and candy waiting for me – he knows how to make his wife happy!

   We then lit the birthday candle on the birthday cake.

It was a perfect little birthday surprise to end my day.