Busy Bag Idea – “Sewing” (It’s inexpensive and quick to make!)

I’ve been diving in to the world of Busy Bags for our toddler. He loves ‘new’ things and these quick and inexpensive activities are a great way to keep him occupied for 10 minutes or so. Busy Bags are great to give you that time to make a phone call, go to the restroom (alone!), or whatever else you need to get done. I’ll hopefully be sharing the different ones we make along the way. We’re also going to have a Busy Bag swap with some friends and I’ll be sure to share about that!

This one is based on “sewing.” It was really inexpensive and quick to make.

You’ll need:
:: Foam sheets (I bought a pack since we’ll be using the foam for other activities)
:: Scissors
:: Cord of some sort (you could even use old shoelaces)
:: Hole Punch
:: Pencil to trace shapes

1. Draw shapes on to the foam. You can even trace over a shape and it’ll leave in impression that you can use later to cut:

2. Cut shapes out.

3. Use your hole punch and punch around the edges of the shape.

4. Let your toddler go wild!

They are so quick to make and really inexpensive. You can also use the foam shapes in other projects to teach the shapes!

Do you have any busy bag ideas you just love? I’ve got a few ideas in the works.

DIY Natural Weed Killer! It’s cheap too.

DIY Natural Weed Killer

As many of you know, we live in the deep south where the bugs are plenty and the plant life thrives.  Among the plants that we enjoy seeing are even more that we don’t – weeds!  Here is a recipe that will effectively kill weeds that is totally kid safe, pet safe and only costs a few bucks to assemble.  We got the one gallon container/sprayer for under $10 – you can get the sprayer here.

Here’s what you need for the spray:

– 1 gallon white vinegar

– 1/4 cup Dawn dish soap

–  2 cups Epsom Salt

Just mix it all together and it’s ready!

It just takes a few minutes to go around and spray the weeds. The after picture below is after 36 hours.


Before the spray

After the spray

Free Printable – When Life Gives You Lemons…

Who doesn’t love a free printable? I came across this quote recently and thought it was a fun twist on the old ‘When life gives you lemons’ adage so I whipped up a quick printable to share with you all! Just right click and save the image below – it is set to print as an 8″x10″ image to fit standard frames.

Right click - save - print & enjoy! Personal use only. May not be sold or altered.

Right click – save – print & enjoy!
Personal use only. May not be sold or altered.

Awesome DIY Wooden Beer 6-Pack Carrier

Wooden 6-Pack Beer Carrier

I have been brewing my own beer for just over a year and keep all of my beer down in the basement. I bring beer up, put it in the fridge, drink it, save the bottles for future use, bring them back down and repeat the process. I have been keeping the empty bottles on the kitchen counter and they look really cluttery. On Etsy I saw these really cool wooden carriers. It’s the perfect solution – the carrier is an easy way to transport the beer up and down. By leaving it on top of the fridge – it’s convenient, looks nice and is out of the way and NOT on the counter. I love a good DIY project so I found some scrap wood in the basement and set out to do it on my own.

I found these incredibly helpful wood dimensions that I used to (loosely) base my design:

Wood Dimensions

Dimensions for cutting the wood.

Halfway through. The pieces were cut and about to be glued.


It’s a fun project and with the right tools it just takes a couple hours. You can find the orignal tutorial link here.

Need some cool brew art to go with your beer stuff? Check out these prints!