DIY Natural Weed Killer! It’s cheap too.

DIY Natural Weed Killer

As many of you know, we live in the deep south where the bugs are plenty and the plant life thrives.  Among the plants that we enjoy seeing are even more that we don’t – weeds!  Here is a recipe that will effectively kill weeds that is totally kid safe, pet safe and only costs a few bucks to assemble.  We got the one gallon container/sprayer for under $10 – you can get the sprayer here.

Here’s what you need for the spray:

– 1 gallon white vinegar

– 1/4 cup Dawn dish soap

–  2 cups Epsom Salt

Just mix it all together and it’s ready!

It just takes a few minutes to go around and spray the weeds. The after picture below is after 36 hours.


Before the spray

After the spray

you light up my life…

or a room.

Let’s talk about some handsome lighting pieces I recently stumbled on while thrifting.

I have too many lamps as it is but this guy almost convinced me to take it him home with me. It had a tall glass base that went from grey to clear glass. It was $4!! FOUR DOLLARS!! I didn’t look at the wires but even if you had to re-wire it would still be EXTREMELY less expensive than any other lamp at Target or HomeGoods.

This pendant light was EIGHT DOLLARS! We have no where to put it since we’re renters but I was tempted to grab it and store it away for when we buy a house but I think those are the type of thoughts horders have so I left it there.

  Have you spotted any amazing light fixtures lately?

nifty thrifty

    These napkins and napkin rings were snatched up on clearance…their totel COMBINED was less than $6 from TJ Maxx. The napkin rings are glass and have tiny air bubbles in them.

   I love the colors. I love that I could use white napkin rings on the napkins and then use white napkins with blue rings for a table setting of 8 and it would still look cohesive. And, I love that they were on clearance. I mean come on…who doesn’t love the thrill of a good deal!
   Sometimes it’s the little extras when entertaining (cloth napkins, place cards) that can really pull together an evening. Slowly but surely with inexpensive finds you will have an arsenal for last-minute get togethers. Life can get pretty mundane and adding little extra touches here and there can add that sumthin-sumthin to your day. You know…kinda how you call Target Tar-Jay…or am I the only one that does that? I am a little dorky with those things.