New Lake Series Prints

We are happy to annouce a new series of prints to our shop!  At the moment we just have one made, but many more to come.  In August we’re excited about finally doing our first outdoor art show with the Lake Lanier CVB.  They’re featuring an “etsyLIVE” vendor village, where several etsy shops from the north Georgia area will be compiled and in person!

Being a lakeside festival this print came at just the right time!  After this, expect the great lakes and even more from around the country and world.  If you have a special request, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Original Lake Lanier Print

DIY Natural Weed Killer! It’s cheap too.

DIY Natural Weed Killer

As many of you know, we live in the deep south where the bugs are plenty and the plant life thrives.  Among the plants that we enjoy seeing are even more that we don’t – weeds!  Here is a recipe that will effectively kill weeds that is totally kid safe, pet safe and only costs a few bucks to assemble.  We got the one gallon container/sprayer for under $10 – you can get the sprayer here.

Here’s what you need for the spray:

– 1 gallon white vinegar

– 1/4 cup Dawn dish soap

–  2 cups Epsom Salt

Just mix it all together and it’s ready!

It just takes a few minutes to go around and spray the weeds. The after picture below is after 36 hours.


Before the spray

After the spray

Candy Bar Love is Sweet printable pictures

We recently had a customer email us pictures of our Candy Bar Love is Sweet printable that she purchased and used at her wedding. I love her wedding colors! The pictures turned out great so we wanted to share them with you all.  Candy Bars are such a fun addition to any party. You can give guests little paper bags with your initials stamped on them, mason jars, boxes and so on. It’s a favor that your guests will enjoy and use!

Photographer: Christie Heywood photography.

Simple and Quick Mother’s Day craft to give!

Matt pulled off a big surprise last year for Mother’s Day. He got me out of the house without the baby and made a present with the help of our infant son last year. He raced around to the craft store, dipped a wiggly baby in craft paint (he was careful to buy non-toxic paint for the baby he told me…which was adorable in itself that he was worried) and cleaned up the mess by the time I got home! It was really sweet and thoughtful. He created this Love piece of art that still hangs in our office. It’s amazing to see how much our son’s feet  and hands have grown in a year!

(sorry for the glare on this iPhone pic…I was racing against a toddler)

It’s such a simple craft – you can print out our template here:

Right click this image, save and print!  **for personal use only.

Right click this image, save and print!
**for personal use only.

The child’s hand print becomes the “O” and their feet make the “V”. Let it dry and frame it. Voila! A quick and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.